Fungal / Viral / Bacterial Infections

Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Infectious diseases may caused by microorganisms such as Fungal, Viral or Bacterial Infection.

Fungal infection especially tinea is on rise nowadays and extremely resistant to treatment due injudicious and inappropriate use of topical steroids and over the counter medications mostly prescribed by quacks or by self prescription. We provide unique customized treatment plan to each and every patient as per his/her condition to CURE this most embarrassing & itchy skin condition and prevent its recurrence. For that it is very necessary on part of patient to complete the full course of medications that is prescribed by us.

Apart from fungal infections, We treat all kind of viral infections (Herpes Genitalis/ Herpes Zoster/ Chicken Pox/ Viral warts/ Molluscum contagiosum etc); bacterial infections (Boils/ Abscess/ Folliculitis/ Impetigo etc.) and infestations (scabies / Pediculosis/ Head louse, etc.)