Pigmentation / Marks / Tranning

Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Tired of dark patches on the skin? Tired of using cosmetics all the time ? You are not alone. it affects people of all ages and both females as well as males. Diseases such as melasma, freckles, lentigenes, lichen planus pigmentosus, pigmentary demarcation lines, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and more are just some of the many pigmentation concerns we treat with great success.

Another concern that many men and women have is tanning and marks. Tanning occurs in everyone due to excess sun exposure, while marks happen after scratches, pimples, bruises and some rashes. Marks and tanning are both exceedingly common in Indian skin, and can make anyone feel sad about their appearance.

At VIVID, we have the best treatments for pigmentation, marks and tanning. Dr. Pratik Sheth will examine your skin and decide a treatment, ranging from medicines to procedures. Procedures for pigmentation include array of Advanced Peels such as Glycolic peels, TCA peel, Yellow peel, Vi peel, Lactic-Mandelic peel and many more.