Warts / Moles / Skin tags / Corns

Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Warts are small, round, elevated non-cancerous skin growths that affect the top most layer of the skin. They are caused by a virus namely Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and can occur anywhere on the body but most commonly on the hands and the feet. Warts are contagious, hence spread easily from one area to the other and from person to person. So it is required to treat warts at the earliest with the best possible treatment.

Skin tags are small, skin coloured benign growths that hang from the skin. They are completely harmless! They typically happen on the neck, armpits or in the groin, as well as on the eyelids. They occur as a result of aging, excess weight or friction and are not contagious.

Moles are growths on the skin. They happen when pigment cells in the skin, called melanocytes, grow in clusters. Moles are very common. Most people have between 10 and 40 moles. Some moles can develop into melanoma, a type of skin cancer. You should have a health care professional check your moles if they look unusual, grow larger, change in color or outline, or in any other way.

Corns and calluses are hard, thickened areas of skin that form as a consequence of rubbing, friction or pressure on the skin. Corns and calluses form on the feet and can make walking painful.

At VIVID, we treat warts, moles, skin tags and corn with most advanced Radiofrequency Ablation.