Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]

What causes hair growth?
Why is Laser Hair Reduction the treatment of choice for hair removal?
How does Laser remove hair?
What are the most popular areas for Laser hair reduction?
How old do you have to be for Laser hair reduction?
What makes a Laser hair reduction treatment safe and comfortable?
Who better candidates for laser hair reduction?
How long does a laser hair removal treatment take?
Why does it take a number of laser hair removal treatments to clear an area of excess, unwanted hair?
How many laser hair removal treatments will I need?
Why do temporary hair removal methods such as waxing and tweezing stimulate hair growth?
Is laser hair removal uncomfortable, or even painful?
Is laser hair reduction expensive than the other methods of hair removal?
Does Laser permanently remove Hair?
What is the Pre & Post Care advised?
Do I have to Shave/ Wax before laser?
Is it true that Laser causes Cancer?
Does Laser have any long term Side Effects?
What is Facial Rejuvenation all about?
What are its benefits?
Who needs it the most?
What is the course of the treatment?
Is this better than the surgical face-lift?
Are there any contraindications or restrictions?
What is the recovery time?
Any differences, if a male undergoes this treatment?
Will it hurt me or cause any side-effects on my skin?
What are Cosmetic Fillers all about?
Will this treatment suit my skin type?
Do the injections really hurt?
Is the treatment really safe, I mean, any side-effects?
How long will the treatment take?
When will I be able to see the results?
How many treatment sessions will I require?
Will I look unnatural after this treatment?
Any information about the Best areas for this treatment?
What Pre-treatment care needs to be followed for fillers?
What are side effects of fillers?
What is Post-Treatment care for fillers?
How long the effects last?
What to do before Botox treatment?
What not to do after BOTOX treatment?
How long does it take to have an effect?
How long does the effect of BOTOX last?
What are the complications of Botox?
Does one age more once BOTOX treatment is stopped?
Does Botox treatment result in frozen or shocked look?
What is dermaroller?
What does dermaroller do?
What will be the effect on the skin after treatment?
How dermaroller is performed?
Who is suitable and how many session required?
Where dermaroller can be used?
How will it look after the treatment?
Can make up be done after the treatment?
What are the post care advice?
How does PRP therapy work for anti-aging?
What can I expect from the treatment?
Who is a better candidate for this therapy - Man or woman?
Is the treatment painful?
Any side-effects of PRP?
How long does the treatment take?
Can I wash my face after the treatment and after how much time?
How many treatment sessions will I need?
Any Precautions after PRP Therapy?
How does this hair transplantation work?
Are the results completely natural?
How long will the treatment take?
Will this treatment hurt me?
What is the cost of the whole treatment?
How many grafts/hair will I need?
How long will it take to recover completely?
When will my new hair start to grow naturally?
Will anyone be able to judge about my treatment?
Do I need to shave my head before treatment?
Are the results of the hair transplantation permanent?
Can females undergo this treatment?
Any scars afterwards?
What should be the time gap between individual treatment sessions?
Can I undergo this transplantation while taking some other medical treatment?
Are there any side-effects of hair transplantation?
Is it possible to take hair from another person?
How does PRP therapy work for Hair Regrowth?
What can I expect from the treatment?
Who is a better candidate for this therapy - Man or woman?
Can PRP Therapy be combined with Hair Transplant?
Is the treatment painful?
Any side-effects?
How long does the treatment take?
Can I wash my hair after the treatment, and after how much time?
How many treatment sessions will I need?
Any Precautions after PRP Therapy?
Can other medical therapies be continued concurrently?
What are Chemical Peels?
What conditions need Chemical Peels as treatment?
How is a Chemical peel performed?
What happens after peeling?
How much time does the treatment need to recover?
Are the results permanent?
Any side effects in the long run?
Can I have other cosmetic treatments along with Chemical Peels?
What Post chemical peel care do I need to follow?
What is Melanocyte Transplantation?
How is Melanocyte Transplantation compared to other surgical procedures for vitiligo?
How is Advanced Melanocyte Transplantation different from routine Melanocyte Transplant?
Is the procedure of Melanocyte Transplantation painful?
Will Melanocyte Transplantation instantly colour the white patches?
Who is the right candidate for melanocyte transplantation?
Why choose us for Vitiligo Surgery/Melanocyte Transplantation Treatment?