Ear Lobe Repair


Ear Lobe Repair

Split or torn earlobe is one of the most common aesthetic deformities of the ear. This can result from heavy earrings, an earlobe that is pierced in an improper position, or from trauma to the lobe. Regardless, it can cause distress to the patient who wants to continue to wear earrings or would like to restore symmetry to their earlobes. Fortunately, Ear lobe repair is a simple and effective procedure that can fix these earlobe tears in the office.

  • Partial Cleft Ear Lobe
  • Complete Cleft Ear Lobe
Types of Procedure
  • By Stitches with Fine Sutures
  • By Surgical Glue / Chemical Cauterization
  • Done under Local Anaesthesia.
  • No rest needed
  • Patient can resume his work immediately.
Time required for Procedure

Approx. 10-60 min.

Suitable for

All age groups.